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Group CrossFit Classes for All Ages & Abilities

We offer group CrossFit classes for everyone from 14 and up. From our youngest members to those in their late 70s, we can show you that fitness is for everyone! We specialize in modifying workouts to accommodate your needs, mobility, and abilities.

CrossFit at Loco Ocho

CrossFit training is defined as “Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at High Intensity.”

At CrossFit Loco Ocho, we program an ever-changing variety of exercises. The exercises programmed are movements that people use in every day life, like lifting and moving objects, running, jumping and moving their bodies. Those exercises are performed as quickly and safely as possible to maximize power output.

The Ocho is different from any other CrossFit “Box.” Josh and Matt, as the owners and trainers at the Ocho, do the same programming as the members do. There is no “special sauce” hidden from the members, no “competitors'” program. The way we figure it is that if the programming is good enough for the members, it must be good enough for us. This gives the Ocho a very special advantage, we know that the program is working.

The Ocho program is an extremely effective strength and conditioning program used by all levels of athletes, from kids to grandparents and every level of fitness. The goal is simply always to get better. One day at a time.

The Ocho is designed to improve every person’s fitness. In CrossFit, fitness is defined as a persons’ ability to perform all kinds of work across a broad range of time domains. Following the programming at CrossFit Loco Ocho, athletes will measurably increase their fitness.

Constantly Varied

Functional Movement